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Privacy Policy
Through this website, information of various kinds available. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all information on this website is copyright of

Cloud Computer Company
Lambermont Street 28
2000 Antwerpen

(Hereinafter referred 3xC)

3xC owns this website. The content of this site may be reproduced in any form without permission from 3xC. The content of this website is for information only. 3xC can be held responsible under any circumstances for any use or abuse of the information on this website.

3xC can modify or remove at any time, information on this website.
You can sign up as a user on the "gateway for co-owners. Your login information will guide you to the relevant managing agent. Your personal details and details of your residence (s) that are made available through this gateway covered by the responsibility of the managing agent of concerning residence (s). It is the managing agent that manages the data and make them available on this website. 3xC is in no way responsible for the voledig or accuracy of this information. The website clearly whether certain information managed by the managing agent. These data should be handled, and the permission to reproduce this information or give to third parties, you must obtain explicit the managing agent who gives the information made available on the website as confidential. You should also abide by any additional provisions for the use of this website you when applying for an account and login to our weҧ ۻ ҡ 脬 ҧ 髴 ҧ 炭 ҡ 脬 ҧ 붌 Ҡ 脬 ҧ䰀 ᝜ 䬐 ᝜ TEXTE: 3 =
3xC or managing agent reserve the right to deny access certain accounts until further notice on suspicion of abuse to this website.

3xC, the data on this website, including information provided by a managing agent, never distribute or sell to a third party institution. Each user via this website uninterrupted access to his / her personal information in order to adapt it if necessary. For certain adjustments, the user should focus his managing agent. 3xC not accept any question or comment on data provided by a managing agent on the website.

3xC distributes never personal information except to comply with legal obligations and in case of explicit legal order. 3xC considers all outbound traffic or for the customer and his / her possession. This Internet traffic will never be used to gain illicit access to subscriber data, destroying or threatening to the subscriber's private life. The data traffic can be checked for internal reasons and to monitor the quality of our service. The data will be treated confidentially obtained in this way.

Any managing agent who uses this website is not subject to the same rules as 3xC regard to the protection of your private data.


All disputes relating to services rendered must be arranged through this website between the corresponding user and the managing agent who gives granted the license by providing an account login information to the user. 3xC does not in any case in between.

Protection and confidentiality of the data on the machines

3xC adheres to the fact that the log files, data stored in databases, mail and websites are kept confidential to the extent that these data are sufficiently protected by the users. Infringements by ftp or by a hacker do not fall under the responsibility of 3xC.
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