OPENSyndic software
A complete package with all necessary modules to comply with the new legislation on management of co-ownership. Our practical and pragmatic approach ensures rapid deployment of the package within your company.

We choose an ASP model. That is, we take care of the entire hosting your data and website. Only the application is installed at the customer on one or more PCs. Upgrades are automatic. Backups are unnecessary.

We have cooperated with specialists from the industry to achieve a total solution. A strong driven by parameterization of the different sections are immediately recognizable and useful for users who work in the industry.

The package is fully integrated around our multi-file billing and accounting software Open Book +. This software is already years in practice used by SMEs and accountants and conforms to satisfy the latest regulatory requirements. These modules include a comprehensive document management system. Scanned documents can be made available through a website for co-owners and others who have the appropriate access rights.
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